how to hack facebook messenger passwords

how to hack Facebook messenger password – Tutorial on how to hack messenger 2022 online without touching the latest partner’s cellphone, can be via android etc., see the full review of Hacks this time.

It is undeniable that Facebook is one of the most popular social media for many people.

This can be seen directly from the number of Facebook users that continues to increase from time to time.

Plus on Facebook, everyone is free to share various things and stories about their lives.

Something that makes many people crazy about this social media and vying to create a FB account.

But on the other hand, the attraction that Facebook has also made some people curious about Facebook accounts owned by other people.

This way of tapping this person’s FB messenger aims to gain access, especially the contents of his Facebook inbox or also known as a messenger. Or anyone’s messenger to monitor or to monitor target Facebook messages.

We are sure that you do this to tap your boyfriend’s messenger, even married ones, how to hack your spouse’s or husband’s messenger is indeed the thing we want to know the most.

We worry about couples hiding their Facebook chat messages, we don’t want bad things to happen.

For those of you who want to know, here is an easy way to hack someone else’s Facebook messenger or how to hack Facebook messenger via our cellphones.

How to hack Facebook messenger passwords

For how to hack Facebook messenger passwords without touching the victim’s 2022 cellphone, you can do it remotely, of course, without the need to touch or borrow the target’s cellphone, it’s also good without using any applications. Because you can do this method online and automatically!

Can Facebook be hacked?

Questions like this arise when you are in a dilemma about something. Usually, someone will ask how to hack his girlfriend’s messenger account password so he can see his Facebook inbox? or how to hack messenger? His wife? FB friends for pranks? or even a fraudulent FB, it could be.

And also there are times when we experience something called forgetting the Facebook password or forgetting the password with the FB account that we have, it’s a shame.

But don’t worry, it just so happens that if you experience this, the article is that we are discussing how to hack Facebook or how to hack a Facebook account password online or offline, which of course, apart from restoring your forgotten password, you can also use it to hack an account. other people’s Facebook.

Actually, how to hack FB is easy and difficult for us to do, but we must be careful when doing this action because breaking into FB passwords is an act that is prohibited by the government, and can harm the accounts of the people we break.

We recommend using this trick to restore our accounts that have forgotten their passwords or other people’s hacked FB accounts. But we can also use it for situations that are very urgent.

Currently, there are various ways to break into other people’s FB accounts and one of the easy and simple ways. Here’s an easy way to hack someone else’s Facebook account without an apk and online that we’ve collected from various anonymous sources.

Advantages of Hacking Other People’s Facebook

But then the question is what will be obtained from hacking someone else’s Facebook? More precisely what kind of benefits can be obtained.

For those of you who want to know, there are advantages to hacking other people’s Facebook as follows.

Controlling Target’s Facebook Account

The first advantage you can get is being able to control the Facebook account of the target. As it is known that it is absolutely impossible to be able to control someone else’s Facebook account just like that.

To be able to do this, you must be able to hack it first. Later, if you manage to hack Facebook from the target, it is not a difficult matter to control the account.

Knowing the Privacy of the Target

It is undeniable that many people keep their privacy on their social media. No exception on social media such as Facebook which is also used by many people to save various privacy.

Of course, privacy is a valuable thing that some people want to know. But of course, you can’t just get someone else’s privacy.

One of the best ways you can do this is by hacking his social media. One of them is like hacking facebook from the target.

Later, by hacking Facebook from the target, you will have no trouble knowing the privacy of other people.

Knowing the Contents of Facebook Inbox

As is known that Facebook is also often used by many people to send messages to each other. It is undeniable that many people use their inboxes on Facebook to send messages that are classified as intimate.

Something that then certainly makes some people want to know the contents of the inbox on Facebook. Of course, you can get this by hacking other people’s Facebook.

No wonder then that one of the advantages of hacking other people’s Facebook is that you can find out the contents of other people’s Facebook inboxes.

Can Make Changes to Facebook Account

The last advantage that you can get from hacking someone else’s Facebook account is that you can make changes to the Facebook account.

These changes can be initiated by changing the account name, uploading photos, changing the bio to posting content according to your own wishes.

Of course, this is impossible to do if you do not have access to the Facebook account of the target. This can only be done when you can or successfully hack the Facebook of the target.

Facebook messenger hacks

But we remind you again for those of you who want to do tricks on how to hack Facebook passwords for girlfriends, friends, other people & whoever it is because this is a criminal matter and is strictly prohibited by the government and can be sued by people whose Facebook accounts have been hacked.

But if you really need a way to enter FB without a password via a cellphone, this is for a specific purpose or reason, for example, you want to restore your FB account because you forgot the password because your Facebook account was burglarized and you want to restore an account that was hacked or for other reasons. Still, you have to be careful when you do this so you don’t hurt other people.

1. Facebook messenger hacks with Web Phishing

The first way but not the last because it’s still below and we will always update about how to hack Facebook, one of which is the FB phishing method.

Hackers most often use phishing to Facebook messenger hacks accounts without passwords at once, without verification.

However, this method requires special skills, but for those of you who are really serious, you can apply this method carefully.

If you don’t understand how to make a PHP phishing FB HTML web, you only need to download it and install it on the hosting.

For this FB phishing, we have explained in a separate article which you can read in full here How to create Phishing Facebook. This method must work 100% if you are right in the steps to trick the target.

2. How to Facebook messenger hacks Free Online Using Face Geek

The way that is also very easy than using other complicated tools is this online FB hack tool.

This method usually only requires a link to the target profile, of course, this is a FB hack without an email and password, maybe it takes a few others if necessary.

To hijack a Facebook account is to use Face Geek (face geeks hack Facebook). Face Geek is a simple online program that allows you to hack Facebook accounts, provided you have the Facebook profile ID of the target Facebook account.

Here are the steps on how to hack a Facebook account online using Face Geek:

  1. Visit the official Face Geek site then enter the victim’s Facebook ID. You can retrieve the user account ID by going to the victim’s Facebook account profile using your Facebook account, or another way copy the URL address of the target profile and paste it on this website then the target ID will appear.
  2. Enter the account ID in the space provided on the website. Then this online application will take the password from the victim’s Facebook account for you and display it in a span of approximately 5 minutes.
  3. log in to Facebook using the details that have been provided.

3. How to check boyfriend’s Facebook messages Using mSpy

How to check boyfriend’s Facebook messages online is to use the Facebook mSpy app, hack FB online without human verification. With this program, you will have the opportunity to log in to FB without a password via mobile as you wish, read messages as well as view and download pictures of hacked Facebook accounts.

Besides using mSpy, you can also use Spyic FB Hacker Download, Appmia Facebook Hacker, and Cocospy FB Hacker to hack Facebook on your android phone.

How to hack someone’s messages, you can use an android phone, iPhone or on a PC.

Here’s how to check boyfriend’s facebook messages using mSpy:

  1. Purchase the mSpy program and create an account (unfortunately, this method requires you to pay).
  2. Borrow the target cellphone that you want to hack. The cellphone must be the one the target uses to log into Facebook. If the target uses a PC, install the mSpy program on the PC.
  3. Once installed, log in to your account and select “Facebook Tracking”.
  4. From this point onwards, you can monitor every message sent or received on the hacked Facebook account.

We continue to the third, more complete way to hack Facebook.

4. How to hack Facebook messenger Password online using Sam Hacker

You can hack Facebook online by using Sam Hacker. This free online hacking tool allows you to hack any Facebook account as long as you have details like the target username.

Unlike other Facebook hack online methods, this Sam Hacker online method only requires the email used to register a Facebook account.

Continue to the anonymous Facebook hack tutorial using Sam Hackers.

Here is the process of how to hack Facebook messenger using Sam Hacker:

  1. Visit the official Sam Hacker web hack Facebook
  2. On the sam hacker page, enter the email address of the account you want to hack in the space provided.
  3. Click on the “Hack” option to start the hacking process. If you want to know more tutorials on how to hack a Facebook account on Sam Hacker, click the “View Demo” option.
  4. The hacking process will take about 2 to 3 minutes. The account password will be displayed. After that now you can use your hacked email address and password to log in to Facebook.

5. Facebook messenger hacks

A. Open Hack Facebook Online Site

The first step you can take to see the contents of other people’s messengers via our cellphones is to visit the Facebook hack site first.

For a site that can be trusted, you can visit the hack FB online site which is famous among many people.

To visit this one site, you can use your cellphone or laptop.

It’s just that when you want to enter this website, you should use your own smartphone or computer.

If you have entered this website then the next step that must be done is to click on Facebook account online hacker.

Usually, this icon is on the main page of the site. So you could say, you will have no trouble finding this one icon.

Maybe not many people know that this site has long been relied on by many people to hack other people’s Facebook messengers.

B. Enter Target’s Facebook Username

The next step you have to do is to fill in the target username from Facebook that you are after to hack.

So it’s good for you to make sure first that the username of the target is correct.

The problem is that if you are wrong, you can be sure that you will hack the account with the wrong address.

For the easiest way is to directly open the Facebook account of the target you are after.

If you have, immediately open the target’s Facebook profile.

Then you copy the URL link from the target Facebook profile that is your target.

Enter the username or URL link of your target Facebook profile on the page just now. Then you click on the “hack account” icon on the page.

This is useful for initiating commands to hack messenger from the Facebook account that you requested earlier.

C. Wait for the Hack Process to Complete

The last step you have to do is wait until the process is complete.

You see after you enter your username and URL link, it requires processing and loading first. Usually, the duration of this wait itself is very relative.

There are only a few seconds but there are also up to a matter of minutes. So you better wait until the hacking process is complete.

When the hacking process is complete, it will usually turn into a download link. Your final task is to download the link.

Later, when the download is complete, you will immediately know the contents of the messenger password from the victim. The hacking process has been completed perfectly.

All the explanations above will certainly make you understand more about how to hack Facebook messenger for your partner, other people, girlfriend, husband/wife easily.

How to hack messenger without an application is easy, online and automatically, if you use the application you can read in our previous article, yes, we have shared many tapping applications here.

So for those of you who have the intention to know how to Facebook messenger hacks 2020, then the above method can be tried.


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